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Saturday, 16 December 2017


Average going medicore comedy 2.5 Star
A movie basically made on a quirly plot but delivers enough laughs to be called a average entertainer , the character Chucha is the driving energy for this film , the plot is kind of different but overall there is not much to look out for in this film , its just a average going simple comedy enteratiner can be watched in the cinemas for timepass


> The actors have delivered amazing comic times throughout the run time to laugh out loud in the cinemas
> Chucha is a character which is the central force for the film
> Plot is unexpected which makes it a bit interesting to guess on what will happen next


> Mediocre comedy its not too good not too bad stands in between and will appeal to only a specific audience
> Screenplay and editing could have been better thats where the film scores low


Watch it for some fun sequences and for timepass overall

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