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Saturday, 2 December 2017


Few Rib tickling moments rest is all boring 2 Star 🌟 🌟
In the runtime of 2 Hr 45 mins the last 45 mins entertains you the most and the rest 2 hours is mere waste of time and gets you bored and off track. Proper Editing could have saved a lot of unnecessary scenes making it to the final bit . Overall not recommended for watch in the cinemas, if you are a Kapil Sharma Fan could be a timepass watch for you


> Kapil Sharmas impeccable comic time at points specially the last 45 mins of the film
> performance by the entire cast of the film 
>The post climax sequences which are rib tickling 


> Poor editing making the movie drag out of bounds creating boredom
> Extra Drama the first 2 hours making you loose intrest in the film 
> Lack of good music 


The story is about this happy go lucky man Manga who helps everyone out in the village but is not respected for the fact that he is unemployed but one fine day for his good deeds he makes it and works for the british everything seems perfect until the time there is a twist where he is held responsible for a mishap or ruckus in the village now how does this affect his personal or love life and how does he tackle it and what is it all about is what the movie is all about


Can be watched for timepass provided you are a Kapil sharma fan else i do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Julie 2

Julie 2
Except last 15 Mins the rest is all boredom 1 Star
This film which falls in the genre romantic thriller pathetically fails delivering absolute boredom all throughout its run time , except the last 15 mins this movie has absolutely nothing in store to deliver , a complete waste of time and money . Not at all worth watch in the cinemas . A Movie to skip definetly


Nothing absolutely


> Boring Plot and bad editing getting the film over streched
>Horrible performances all together
>Story is not worth it as the whole film has nothing except for the last 15 mins


Juile a aspiring actress who is longing for love in her life and a big name fame in the industry compromises at every step and goes ahead to be one of the successful actress in the industry , stars turn when she is shot by few miscreants no the mystery behind this attempt for murder is what the movie is all about.


There is nothing you will remember about this film , its not at all a worth watch at cinemas .

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shaddi Mai Zaroor Aana

Shaddi Mai Zaroor Aana
A Sweet Simple & Unique love story backed by amazing performances 4 Star
This movie which is relatable to real life situations and twists that one can go through and has a lot of fun moments stitched along to keep you gripped, entertained and emotionally tangled with the film , Stellar Performances act like icing on the cake . Its definetly a worth watch in cinemas.

Things To Look For

>Stellar and hilarious perfomance by the lead paid and their chemistry is just sweet and adorable making your experience watching the film look better
> The Polt & Story is simple yet clicks because it relates easily to the situation of a common man may it be a boy or a girl
>Loads of entertainment , loads of laugh , Loads of emotion all together makes your movie watching experience worth it
> Not a typical love story this one has a story which is different from the rest which works in favour of this film


>2nd half is a bit stretched out but due to performances being top notch this is easily an avoidable negative for the film which dissolves with its runtime

Story Overview

This movie is about these 2 youngesters who meet each other like every other youngster who is in search of a bride or a girl who is in search of a groom , they find a connection grooming between themeselves and a general connect in their thoughts , both decide to tie knots but everything changes when the girl realizes she would be restricted from working or doing any kind of profession after her marriage this strikes her hard and in this confusion she escapes from the wedding to kick off with her dream to be an government officer and she achieves her dream she is happy with her chocie until the day she comes accross some allegations over corruption on her which temporarily suspends her profession and to her surprise her case is handeled by a senior IAS officer who happens to be the guy she ditched for her job , Now what happens next? Is this a normal revenge drama? or love takes on ? whatsthe final verdict of all this ? to know all of this walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend

Final Verdict

Its a worth watch at cinemas , its a love story you wont regret watching , so walk in to the nearest cinemas and watch this movie 

Friday, 3 November 2017


Edgy climax but lacks the level of thrill 3 Star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
This mystery crime thriller keeps you on guessing spree till the end when you are almost disappointed with the outcome but there comes a twist which is worth waiting for,but till that point the movie lacks the level of thrill expected from a crime thriller. Overall can be watched once in the cinemas


> The Plot and story is worth keeping you engaged till the end
> Amazing performance by Akshaye Khanna in the role of a cop
>Directed in crisp manner without any extra exaggeration

> Till we arrive the climax the film goes slow and somewhere lacks the thrill factor all together
> If you are someone who expects entertainment as well as a story to look for you will be disappointed


The story is all about a double murder which connect to 2 people coincidentally and the investigation kicks off with both being interrogated , now which side of the story is true ? Or is there a third face to the story is what the movie is all about


Dosent live up to the expectation level but still for the suspense and plot its definetly one time watchable in the cinemas 

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Golmaal Again

Golmaal Again
Stricty mediocre timepass comedy 2.5 Star  💫 💫 .5
Scores the lowest in the Golmaal Franchise 
Very few moments to laugh on and the story takes high time to bake and evolve out , a lot of scenes are forced comedy and overacted, leaving few genuinely funny scenes at disposal for the audience to laugh out loud . Editing could have made the movie better overall a timepass watch though i do not recommend watching it in the cinemas 


> Few comic scenes to blow u up with laughter , specially those involving Nana Patekar’s mimicry as part of the act
> Performance by Jhonny lever , Arshad warsi and Ajay devgn 
> Cameo by Nana Patekar Himself.
> Exotic shooting Locales to feast your eyes 
> Entertainment in few parts


> Overacting and forced comedy scenes 
> Too long Run time , it takes near about 60 minutes plus to come accross the actual story
> Less of entertainment and more of dragged drama


If you have absolutely nothing to do this long weekend go for this as a timepass entertainer and enjoy the entertainment on parts compromising with the drama . otherwise i do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls . Its a movie to be easily Forgotten

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Definetly adds up to the list of top 3 films of 2017 till date . A movie for those who dare to dream despite of a conserved and restricted family environment , movie with humour , emotion and a streak of inspiration to all the dreamers. Zaira Wasim as Secret Superstar Nailed it and AAMIR KHAN with every single presence on screen make you Laugh Out Loud . A perfect movie to watch out for this Diwali. 


> A inspiring and motivating story with a plot that bakes out to be a perfect emotional  and humorous film all together
>The emotion tangled with the film i.e the Love of a mother which is priceless thing in life is something that completely drives this film
>Top Notch perfomance by Zaira Wasim and a cameo worth remembering by Aamir Khan with all smiles lite up on ur face
>Screenplay keeps you connected throughout the runtime and you are sure to get goosebumps by the end and a lot of laughs during the runtime


The story is about this young aspiring girl Insia who dreams to be a big singer a sensational singer with her talent but is restricted by her own father who finds all this bullshit but in her journey from a normal girl who cant dream to a secret superstar who becomes a youtube sensation over night with her mysterious identity of secret super star singing in burkha stands with her is her Mother who tries her best to get freedom for her and what happnenes next how does she get to the next level , what is Shakti Kumars contribution and what is the final outcome she the secret superstar reveal her identity , does her big dream come true ? What about her father ? And the rest of the questions will be answered when you walkin to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Its definetly among the top 3 films of 2017 .. A worth Watch at cinemas with no doubt. This one is not a miss for bollywood . Go for it with no second thought .

Friday, 29 September 2017

Judwaa 2

Judwaa 2
This movie has ingredient of a perfect masala entertainer with high octane action , perfect comic time and peppy numbers to get grooving, you sure to have loads of lol moments all throughout the film and the climax with Salman Khans cameo is yet another treat . Only section the film fails is logic as this film isnt smart but if u overrule this Its a worth watch at cinemas sure to entertain you to the core . 


The theme is same as it was for judwaa 1 2 parted twins in 2 different situations come at a same place which makes way for tons of confusion,chaos and then when they meet each otherthey find their problems similar, how do thu tackle this ? Which of the 2 judwas is strongest? Wats the final outcome etc is what the movie is all about


>Entertainment drives this movie completely,you are sure to be thoroughly entertained 
>Contrast between 2 characters played by Varun  is commendable with impeccable comic time
>Jacquiline and Tapsee are extremely gorgeous in the film and hav done justice to their roles
>Music and peppy numbers keep you live and naje you feel the moves
>Salman Khans cameo is another big reason for his fans ,by far the best guest appearence this year


>There is no logic in the film at all , so if you are one who looks for a smart movie you will be utterly disappointed as his is a masala entertainer


If you are looking for a lot of laughs , entertainment and fun walk in to the cinemas to get your dose of entertainment this festive weekend 

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