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Friday, 23 June 2017

Tubelight[200th Review]

TUBELIGHT [My 200th Film Review]
Only excess Emotion and no plot 2.5 star
A slowing paced movie with lot of emotion embedded in parts but makes no sense as there is no proper story or a strong plot for the movie to support . Well feast for Salman Khan fans to watch him in a completely different avatar where he is not seen in any action sequence or badass character here he is at his peaks with his innocence and sweet child like character ,at few points he makes your eyes moist and a few he just makes u smile . The skeleton of the movie is same as Bhajrangi Bhaijaan film , Watch it only if you are a Salman fan  .


The screenplay is not smooth going it starts off beautifully but then gets into a slow paced barrier and continues to bore you until you arrive the climax where a few scenes are sure to melt your heart and the rest is just a forgettable experience. The story is about this man Laxman who is immature at a mature age who knows only the language of love,he loves his brother the most and his brother is his only support when the rest bully him and call him Tubelight, their bond is strong but one day his elder brother bharat played by Sohail goes to the war field at the border and amidst all the tension between the 2 countries many soilders loose their lives even laxman gets the news of his dead brother but what he has learnt from long keeps him hopeful that his brother will return he keeps up the faith and the while film talks about yaakeen mane faith and belief that everything will be fine , he also convinces himself that if he has belief he can turn anything round and he gets this lesson from a famous magician played by ShahRukh Khan magically . Now does his brother return or he is really dead? Does his belief work wonders for him ? What are the challenges he faces in absence of his brother?  What is that inspires him soo much?  Does his never ending faith and belief get his brother back to life ? Is the movie all about 


Late Om Puri Ji has delivered an amazing perfomance all together he stands out as one of the prime roles of the film , coming to Salman Khan he too has convinced u at parts with his sweet child life character and at parts he makes ur eyes moist . Actress Zhu Zhu had a very short role and she has done well coming to Ayub Zehsan as a racist has done complete justice to his role . ShahRukh Khan in his cameo has been too good he has a important role in he film t watch for. Rest follows the ensemble cast


If you are a die hard Salman Khan fan you are sure to love this movie as you would see him in a experimental role . Over all as a general audience do not expect much on story front . All the movies has in loads is emotion and emotion in excesss . 

Friday, 9 June 2017


Not as expected its just a Timepass watch 2.5 Star
Starts off beautifully promising a lot of fun but somewhere in the transit looses that intensity and spark of a epic love story it was supposed to be. The driving fuel of the film is the sizzling chemistry between the lead pairs and off course a lot of humor to keep you smiling till the interval, post interval the film gets boring and the connect is lost . Climax is just as expected and usual . VFX work is cool, Background music and cinematography is also great


The screenplay goes intersting and flawless until the interval but post interval there is no explanation to how the story transits and a lot of unrealistic things happen and more over you are bored with  a unusal kind of story telling returning to the past which further connects to the future , the chemistry between lead pairs hold the film tight but overall by the end it fails to show up as a intense love story and remains to  be just yet another lite love story with a lot of drama surrounded. The story is about these 2 youngsters Shiv & Sarika , Shiv is a happy go lucky guy,a player and a man who knowhow to win hearts on the other end is this silent beautiful and cool girl Sarika who is obsessed by the dream she gets every night of some old incident or something related to her past both meet up some day , the girl starts feeling a kind of connect the moment she sees him and this turns in favour of shiv who easily gets her fall in love with him,but then one fine day when shiv is away her past strikes her door a new prince enters her life she goes on a date with him and then she is somehow trapped and there her dreams which would strike her every night come in light and she gets to know her past and how this past is going to destroy her present and she can save her relationship and her love for shiv is the movie all about , to know who is this prince who enters her life from the past to the present , Does he really belong to her past?or its just a mere imagination?What is the final outcome of all this? For answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Sushant Singh Rajput is as charming as always and he is very natural when it comes to his acting as shiv he has been heart winning and lovely , as the warrior he has been okioe with his perfomance , coming to kriti she has done her role with par justice and they both together have put up an amazing perfi=omance their chemistry is winnning and amazing , RajKumar Rao as a 300 years old man is unidentifiable with the kind of VFX and prosthesis work done on him , Rest follows the ensemble cast

Final Verdict

Its not a worth watch at cinemas , but for some lite hearted humour and the chemistry its watchable for timepass but if you are expecting a epic love story this ones sure to dissappoint you.. For more visit 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Sachin A Billion Dreams

This Time lined documentary is sure to give u Goosebumps  4 Star
I don't watch cricket but this movie got me clap by the end.. out of respect for our cricket legend the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, the movie takes on cricket legend Sachin, his hardships hurdles and his complete life timeline in a nut shell and takes on a complete journey of this man who never gave up and always drived with humanity factor and simplicity . This ones is not like a usual movie its a documentary . It gets you high on sentiments for your country . 


The story is presented as  per the happenings and timeline of master blaster his complete life , ups and downs , low and high moments his cricketing career in sync with his family life his social life all and all about sachin that you perhaps never knew and a few facts that you already knew , you get to see his peers Ganguly , Ms Dhoni ,Virat ,Sunil Gavaskar , Rahul Dravid , Harbhajan speak their heart out life never before . The climax gets you high on emotion a complete raw emption trust me eveb of you are not a cricket Fan or a sachin fan you will Defintely come out with complete applaud and respect for this one man who put his life dedicated to the sport.  Though the movie is not a fully fledged film but its a documentary its worth watching this man who played for out country with all honour. The documentary is edited well and presented in detail with proper annotations and credits. 


The complete cast has done a good job it was great to see soo many cricketers in one movie speaking their heart out


ITS A WORTH WATCH AT CINEMAS , Definetly a must watch . Dont expect masala at all its plain neat and presented with actual facts 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium
Brilliant & amazing ,a movie with a heart 4 Star 
Tooooo Goood Completely Worth it,support movies like this to mint higher profits at cash registers these are rare of the gems.The movie takes on our present education system and how poverty stricken people pay the cost for this, the way a contrast between the poor and a rich is portrayed alongside the narration is commendable,it directly touches your heart and the fact you get by the end is worth it, it gives you a direct reality check of our present society and you ate sure to return back applauding the film to the core


The screenplay is perfectly written transiting smoothly with its sensible story,amazing transition and woven with a lot of humour to keep you connect with the film throughout its runtime,simple of the facts are presented in a very humorous manner which in fact tell the fact and reality of reality so sensibly at the same time keeping you entertained.The climax just wins your heart and you are sure to return clapping or extremely applauding this film . The story is about this rich couple who are fighting their battle to get their daughter admitted in top school at Delhi but the demands of these top schools for admission make their life a battle,things go even worse when the parents are suppose to attend a interview,they shift their house to a lavish mansion to adapt to the luxurious high class family grade where everyone just flaunts and flatters with English as a measure of intelligence,the couple does everything  to make sure their daughter gets admission but they fail , now the last hope and way they find is to prove themselves poor and get a seat in that quota which is reserved for poor,they go to a level where they shift to a slum area and stay there like any other normal person. Now what next? And meanwhile do they adapt to the sorrundings,people ? What is that they learn staying with people who are poor economically but rich by heart ! Do they manage to get admission ? For all these questions walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Irffan khan is at his best with his natural and impeccable comic time he is the best and makes you smile he has totally nailed it with such an ease ,Saba Qamar is sweet and has done her role as mother quite wel , Deepak Dobriyal is another show stealer in the film with his super amazing acting skills he just touches your heart with his perfomance.Rest follows the ensemble cast


I highly recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls , its a must watch for bollywood , trust me you will never regret watching this movie its gurantee , no second thoughts just walkin to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie his weekend 
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